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Buffering economic fluctuations and periods of personnel-shortages is a part of our core business: With classic licensing of workers we not only help cover peak work-times.We are also at your side when you are looking for co-workers with project-specific know-how or require the immediate accommodation of a large order, vacation, sudden sicknesses or maternity leave. The timely restricted implementation of workers enables you to never have to bind yourself longer than necessary. market-mission takes on the responsibility for the risks of default or termination and guarantees more flexibility and leeway in your personnel management. The co-workers have a fixed employment contract with market-mission. We are employers and therefore also responsible for the usual social payments and services.

Interims-management – competency for a limited time-period

Special times require special measures! Not always do we find the suitable expert at the right time in the company. This is not restricted to timely defined processes or implementing change-management. The interims-manager we supply will help you first and foremost to define measures that are applicable in the specific situation. And they carry the responsibility for the implementation of these measures. Many years of experience as a leader, possibly in a large IT-company, together with reliability are the basic building blocks for the long-term development and therefore success of your company.

Evaluation and selection 
as a structural process

The requirements established during the briefing flow into a multi-faceted evaluation and selection process. We compare the requirements of the clients with profiles of candidates, CV's and reports – supplemented with the impressions from the personal interviews. On demand we include references of the client into the evaluation. After a successful search you receive the most suited candidates with the personality profiles created by market-mission.

Presentation and contractual discussions as part of our job

After choosing the candidates you would like to meet personally, you do not need to care for anything. We coordinate all appointments and accompany the entire process from the presentation to the signing of the contract.

Successful placement and guarantee-clause as a promise

We remain your partner and the one of our candidates during the entire adjustment period. And in case one of our candidates should leave the company again within the probation period, we recommence the search – free of cost for you of course!

Your direct path – to specialized and leading personnel
Test future workers

Do it the same way as many of your clients, and test the external employees "at work" and decide to offer them fixed employment afterwards. Your advantage: After a test period of 12 months you can take on a worker who is already integrated into your company and save yourself more searching and adjustment time. During the daily routine you are able to better get to know someone than would ever be possible during a job interview. The large amount of flexibility in formulating the contract and our many years of experience in the area of personnel licensing reflect in the high placement rate we have been able to maintain since many years. Often assignments through market-mission continue to become permanent work relationships. According to the "prolonged probation period" the placement fee can be reduced down to nothing. Profit from our know-how: whether in the areas of recruitment, finance, distribution or vehicle fleet. We are specialists and partner in one!

Media-supported search – we know where you can still find what you are looking for

If desired it is also possible to create a media-supported search for applicants. This is especially recommendable if you are, for example, looking for people new to the job market or aspiring for middle-level management positions that would like to establish themselves in the German market after having been abroad.

We find the suitable forms of media for you, from the big international daily newspapers to the local newspapers and renowned online job portals.

We provide you with the concept, layout and placing of the advertisements on the basis of the required profile we have established together.

We hold all preliminary conversations with the suitable clients. Weekly status-reports

keep you updated on the current developments of the project.

We accompany the applicant from the first point of contact up until closing the deal and handle the entire project for you professionally.

You save time

Long-winding application processes cost a lot of time and money. A team of experienced personnel placement searches for the most appropriate specialized and leading workforce for immediate hire. Based on our expertise and our permanent market monitoring we reduce the recruitment period to lower than 75%.The result: market-mission strengthens your employment-team and reduces fluctuation considerably.

Your advantages
  • Rapid hire of qualified specialized and leading workforce
  • Saving time and money: We take care of the selection process
  • Ideal candidate: Perfectly fitting placement according to your requirements
  • Quality of applicants far above average
  • Efficient strengthening of your employment team
  • Low rate of fluctuation
  • Quality assurance through permanent partnership with market-mission

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