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Promotions – Convincing from every angle

A successful promotion is not mainly dependent from a product or conception, but from the promotion personnel! A promotion stands and falls with the promoter standing behind the product. To ensure that your promotion turns into a full-on success, we connect you with experienced promoters with whom we have worked together successfully since years and who have a sense of loyalty and duty towards us. Here market-mission confides in quality instead of quantity. Accordingly you don't buy the cheapest with us, but you get experience and success!

Our promoters love your product

During our intensive sales-trainings our promoters learn more than what your product entails and a chain of arguments as tools. We make sure that they "burn" for your product, have your company philosophy "running through their veins" and emanate loyalty, the joy of selling, trustworthiness and motivation!

We also have the logistics under control

We pull the strings in the background and know from years of experience about the mistakes and pitfalls of the logistics of a promotion. From our vast wealth of experience we arrange for you the most economic, fastest and simplest version of all logistic necessities, trusting our partners and specialists of this area.

That we really manage to pull this off over and over again can be proven by the many referral trainings and successful promotion activities in Central Europe. With our trainings, promoters turn into versatile sellers or specialist advisors of your company! We look forward to your inquiry and can also accept short-term assignments.

Inventory control is a must

Different components of maintaining rack space and the assortment of goods are inventory control as well as intelligent merchandise planning, planning of second placements just as much as price marking and processing returned items. From the point of view of the client, every assortment of goods contains an abundance of compound effects.

The analysis of consumer behavior, the identification of consumer types and buying strategies lead to an optimization of the assortment of goods and of total revenue through additional sales. And the dynamic of retail demands regular inventory controls of your product, as even the most innovative promotion strategies dissipate into nothing if the racks are empty! Do not leave your range of products up to chance or the whims of the sales assistants, instead take inventory control together with our support into your own hands!

In this context we additionally offer you, if necessary, the revision, updating or expansion of the assortment of goods. Our employees excel with their experience, independent planning and working and ensure a "tidy" impression of your assortment of goods with your clients.