visual training

We offer even more: Commercial, client and employee-trainings.

On the basis of more than 20 years of experience in the areas of retail and entertainment electronics, as well as long-term successful cooperation with the Media Markt & Saturn-Group and other partners, we also offer you, besides personnel recruitment, special trainings and schoolings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. market-mission is part of a Pan-European network of agencies that can become active in more than 15 different countries if necessary.
Sales Trainings – 
We increase your figures

Your sales success requires more than just your sales force! All workers that have contact with the client contribute to the success of distribution and therefore need to be actively incorporated into the training process – from the internal workers to the service department and the sellers

at the POS. Only with a sales training that is custom-made to fit your individual requirements can we ensure long-term success. For this we develop a plan together with you that exactly defines which "knobs need turning" for your sales, to increase your rate of success not only in the short, but above all middle and long run.

With our trainings, employees and sellers learn to recognize and use the most efficient sales triggers. Accordingly it is possible to adjust what you have to offer precisely to the client, thereby becoming the N. 1 in the head of your clients. We remove sales barriers before they even occur.